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Interesting tidbits

Jacob and Marie

Jacob and Marie left Lesja as teenagers. They moved to Melhus and were servants in a large farm. They had John Jacobsen while not married. Both married someone else soon after the birth of John. Both appear to have children from their respective spouses and live quiet lives. Marie's husband dies a short time after their marriage and in the 1865 census we find Marie living with Jacob and his wife. This appears to have made the wife's brothers very mad and they took Jacob to court and had the marriage annulled. Jacob and Marie then leave the parish and I've lost them from there.

Fly fishing

From the Cyphert line there appears to be a history of those who enjoy fly fishing. Both David Wyman and David Wyman Jr. were both fly fishers who fished in downtown Lander. I've seen the river in downtown Lander and it looks like a great trout stream. Margaret Brauner was a fly fisher of many years and she tied her own flies. Continuing this tradition David Grawrock is an avid fly fisher.

Gertrude Sexton

The birthplace of Gertrude is very hard to actually pin down. Her parents were living in Miners Delight, however the nearest midwife was in South Pass City. Late October in South Pass means deep snow. The trip down from Miners Delight takes about one hour by car and it's rough country. It is possible that the midwife came to Miners Delight however it would be possible that the midwife would be stuck there for many weeks so the current thought is that Margaret went down to South Pass City.