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Grawrock - Parker Genealogy
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[S261] e-mail address, online, e-mail address (, downloaded 1 Jan 2000.

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[S361] Albert Bell, William J Freeman Grove Cemetery Record ( Naugatuck GenWeb, 1934). Hereinafter cited as HS William Freeman.

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[S417] George Beer and Mary Taylor Marriage, Upshur County, West Virginia, Family History Library, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA. Hereinafter cited as MG G Beer - M Taylor.

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[S428] Barbara Mogush, "Solomon K Beer Obit," e-mail message from Barbara Mogush [e-mail address] (unknown address) to cyphert list, 9 Nov 2001. Hereinafter cited as "EMAIL S K Beer Obit".

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: North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1977). Hereinafter cited as "MG D Keener - E Baumgarner".

[S465] Rapheal De Vries Ester Van Dam Marriage Registration, unknown repository, unknown repository address. Hereinafter cited as MG R De Vries E Van Dam.

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[S543] Gabriel Faria, 1930 US Rhode Island, Newport, Tiverton, 3 Apr 1930 Federal Census, ED 37, Page 1B, Dwelling 22, Family 38,

[S544] Gabriel Faria Household, 1920 US Census, Rhode Island, Newport, Tiverton, 19 Jan 1920 Federal Census, SD 304 ED 67 Sheet 9A Dwellin 189 Family 199,

[S557] Elizabeth Ward Household 1870 US Federal Census Mississippi, Itawamba County, Township 8, 31 Aug 1870 Federal Census, Page 363, Dwelling 200 Family 201,

[S563] William Beer Household 1850 US Pennsylvania, Armstrong County, Cowanshannock Township, 4 Sep 1850 Federal Census, Page 221, Dwelling 16 Family 16,

[S602] Unknown author, No Title Given (n.p.:, unknown publish date).

[S637] Joseph McElhatten Magdalena Black Marriage, 7 Mar 1849,, unknown repository address. Hereinafter cited as MG J McElhatten M Black.

[S704] Unknown author, Obituary of Solomon K. Beer (n.p.:, unknown publish date).

[S780] Solomon Beer Household, 1900 US Census Pennsylvania Clarion County, 5 Jun 1900 Federal Census, SD 14, ED 14, Sheet 2, Dwelling 29, Family 29,

[S781] Charles Brauner Household 1870 US New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, 13th Ward, 12 July 1870 Federal Census, Page 601, Family 1353,

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David Grawrock
Aloha Oregon USA

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